How to disable Whatsapp voice messages

Getting straight to the point: no way.

Elaborating a bit we could find a workable solution: to set up automatic replies. You will need:

  1. Whatsapp;
  2. Whatsapp autoresponder;
  3. Five minutes.

Having read various manuals, I can't help but feel like an idiot. All those step-by-step screenshots are for extremely self-unconfident or UI designer's faults, therefore I'll just direct you to — installing an app to your phone is very easy.

Post installation we'll set it up as described at (a blog entry, not FAQ for whatever reason), specifically adding new "Similarity match" rule with a pattern of:

🎤 Voice message

This line has to be copied and pasted as the microphone emoji is difficult to find on a keyboard. After that you'll need to add your message and enjoy: