Rar, Winrar - Exclude subdirectory from archive

When you pack your source code by WinRar you may want to exclude some service folders used by third-party products such as Mercurial, SVN or ReSharper. For example, you have next directory structure:


where .hg is Mercurial service folder, _ReSharper.* - ReSharper service folder. You want to pack you source code without .hg and _Resharper.*. Then you command line would be like:


Unity exception: Activation error occured while trying to get instance of type

You can get this exception from Unity: Activation error occured while trying to get instance of type in many cases. And then you can try to look into InnerException stack to find only The type MyType cannot be constructed. You must configure the container to supply this value.. Below are the reasons that can lead to this error message:

  1. The class you try instantiate (or dependent class) is abstract.
  2. The class you try instantiate (or dependent class) has no public constructor.

Setting up OpenId for your site. OpenId delegation.

OpenId is a way of authenticating yourself on the increasing number of websites that support it. OpenId itself looks like url address, something similar to "janedoe.openid.com". There are several OpenId providers you can get your OpenId address from, but wouldn't it be nice to have "yoursite.com" for OpenId instead of "somename.someopenidprovider.com"? Apart from looking cool, it's a good way to promote your site as your OpenId is often displayed in signature field even where other html links are disallowed.

Drupal Syntax Highlighting. Step-by-step Walkthrough

When you search for "drupal syntax highlighting" you will likely get a lot of results involving installation of modules most of them still in beta stage of development. Most of the code you'll find is using SyntaxHighlighter library, which is easy to install and use. Indeed, this excellent library is so easy to use, you don't need any module at all to take advantage of it on your Drupal site. Here's step-by-step tutorial:


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